September 2009 Mother Tersea Council 12202

Grand Knight
Dale Hofer 938-3253
Deputy Grand Knight
Bernie Lutes 545-9564
Financial Secretary
Steve Malerby 542-9579
David Cleveland 938-5020
Bert Niehaus 549-7437
Ben Loewen 542-4342
Clair Methot 542-2051
Myles Bukowsky 550-5795
Trustee 1 year
Juan Ferrigno 545-2065
Trustee 2 year
Jack McLaughlin 260-1933
Trustee 3 year
Ron Gatzke 547-6022
Inside Guard
Anton Schnieder 549-1789
Outside Guard
Ben Allen 550-6111
Joe Bukowsky 545-8110
Fr. Andrij Wasylinko 549-1327

Calendar of Events

Executive Meeting - 2nd Tuesday of the Month, 7pm
General Meeting - 4th Tuesday of the Month, 7pm

Next General Meeting - October 27th - OLOV


Oktoberfest - Parish Center - October 3rd

First Degree - October 8th - Salmon Arm

Major Degree - October 17th - Revelstoke

4th Degree - October 18th - Kamloops




Program Director Bernie Lutes 250-545-9564
Church Director Jack McLaughlin 250-260-1933
Community Director David Sorokovsky 250-545-3352
Council Director Bert Niehaus 250-549-7437
Family Director Maurice Bouchard 250-549-2310
Youth Director Richard Landry 778-475-0818
Membership Director Steve Malerby 250-542-9579
Recruitment Jack McLaughlin 250-260-1933
Recruitment Dale Hofer 250-938-3253
Health Director Larry Drescher 250-545-0081
BBQ Director Myles Bukowsky 250-550-5795
Bingo Director Gerry Gouge 250-545-8986

Website is


Grand Knight's Report

Grand Knight Message from the September 22nd, 2009 Meeting

Brothers, we are back at it again. I’m even more exited this year than last to get at it. Our executive has been injected with some younger blood, so I look forward to some bright new ideas throughout this fraternal year. Speaking of young blood, we have an award to be given out to one of young knights. Last we announced that brother Ben Loewen qualified for the Shining Armour award. Well, finally have received it so we can present it to him. Congratulations Ben.

Just a quick recap of some of the highlights of the last year. First, we made Double Star Status. This means we achieved Columbian Award for all the projects and programs we delivered through out the year. A huge thank you to all the chairmen and directors that saw these through. Then we made our insurance quota on membership, and right down to the wire, I might add, and lastly we more than doubled our membership quota for the year. Thank you to all who brought a new gentlemen or family into our great fraternity.

Secondly, we received two State awards. The first was the Most Meritorious award for essentially the most well balanced or rounded council in BC/Yukon. The second award was State Church Activity Award. That was as a result of our KCIC program, of distributing the Nativity scene magnets throughout Canada. This program report was submitted to supreme by our State as an entry into the International Awards. We got the word back a couple weeks ago, and unfortunately we did not win that award.

Thirdly, our move to this location stands out in my mind as something significant. Thank you to Brothers Bernie Lutes, Jack McLaughlin, Myles Bukowsky and Joe Ackerman for their major contributions to this new venue as well as anyone else that had a hand in this move.

Fourth, we set up two websites, one for our council and one for KCIC. I’m hoping these are being used as a lot of effort has gone into them to provide up to date information on the council and it’s activities.

Lastly, As far as summertime activities, it's been again many BBQ’s. Thank you to Myles Bukowosky and Larry and Marie Drescher and all the others that have contributed to a very successful BBQ season. We had BBQ’s at OLOV, Sacred Heart and St. Josaphat.

Our State Executive held a membership meeting last Tuesday night at the St. James School. I believe our council had the largest attendance of the district with 6 knights. In attendance were Brothers, Clair Methot, Steve Malerby, Larry Drescher, Ben Loewen, Ron Gatzke, and myself. Thank you brothers for attending this event. I hope you found it as informative as I did.

One last thing. On October 25th, the 4th Sunday of the month we will have a membership blitz. On our October 22nd meeting, I will give you more details, but essentially starting thinking of someone or family that you feel should be part of the Knights of Columbus.

Again thank you for attending this evening. I sense we are going to have a very fulfilling year a head of us.

Dale Hofer Grand Knight 12202

District Deputies Report:

Brother Knights:
September is here and it’s time for a renewal of our activities in our Knights of Columbus Councils. We have a number of important activities coming up, starting with our Regional Meeting on Sept 15th at 7:00 pm in St. James Centre, Vernon. All executive members are expected to attend this training session put on by our State Executive. After a summer break to “recharge” our internal batteries, we are ready to renew our efforts to serve the Priests and the parishes we represent. Serve proudly my Brothers.
Bruce Lines
DD # 11


Welcome our new Field Agent

Brother Blaine Anhel

We are all sorry to see Amery leave, however family does come first.  Amery knows this as well as anyone possibly can.  I join you in praying for Amery and wishing him and his family all the best in the future.

My name is Blaine Anhel, and I am your new field agent.  I live in Tappen, BC with my wife and 7 children.  Obviously I am very pleased to add the two Vernon councils to my existing territory which includes Kelowna, Armstrong, Salmon Arm, and Chase. Prior to becoming a field agent I was brokering communications equipment, dealing with telephone companies and internet service providers throughout Canada and the US.  Before that I owned a company that trained fire departments on collision rescue and sold hydraulic rescue tools.  I also had a stint with Great West Life, where I learned a little about life insurance. I feel proud and honoured to be your Knights of Columbus Field Agent.  I am confident we can work together to protect what you have and build what you need.

Blaine Anhel, FIC Field Agent, K of C Insurance

Toll Free: 877.532.KOFC Cell: 250.804.8787

Fax: 604.504.0623 Email: [email protected]



Chaplain's Message

Glory be to Jesus Christ!                          

Dear Brother Knights!

First of all I would like to express again my gratitude to everyone who was able to join us at St. Josaphat’s parish for the celebration of the Council’s 11th anniversary. As was the case last year, St. Josaphat’s parishioners appreciated and enjoyed very much your presence, support and joining in the prayers. Personally, I look forward to this becoming an annual event as long as I am present in Vernon.

In preparation for this celebration, our Grand Knight, Brother Dale indicated in his e-mail that participation in the Divine Liturgy at the Ukrainian Catholic Church does fulfill the obligation of the Roman Catholic faithful for the Sunday Mass. Well, to have it even more official, I would like to share with you an interview with  a Legionary of Christ Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy at the Regina Apostolorum university, who was asked the question of the same nature. Here is his answer to the following question (taken from

ROME, JULY 21, 2009 ( (Zenit is an official online newspaper)

Q1: Is there a real division/separation between Catholics of the Latin rite and Catholics of Eastern rites? Is a Catholic of the Latin rite debarred in anyway from participating in the liturgy of an Eastern-rite Catholic church? Does a Latin-rite Catholic have to follow a procedure before he can participate in the liturgy of an Eastern-rite Catholic church? H.W., Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Q2: May a Catholic attend Mass in an Orthodox church? Is not the Orthodox Church schismatic? -- E.T., Mairé-L'Evescault, France

A: Since these two questions are related I will take them together.

First, there is no division or separation between the Latin rite and the more than 20 Catholic Eastern Churches. There are, however, many differences and distinctions. These multiple distinctions give each Church its characteristic identity within the one fold which is the Catholic Church. The most obvious distinctions are external. Each Church uses a distinct ritual for Mass, the sacraments and sacramentals.

For those Churches where there is a corresponding Orthodox Church (for example, the several Byzantine or Melkite Churches, the Coptic, and the Syro-Malankara), an outsider would be hard-put to distinguish between the two celebrations. One key difference with the Orthodox: The Eastern-rite Catholics mention the Pope in the anaphora, or Eucharistic Prayer. Compared to the Latin-rite Church, the Eastern-rite Churches differ in their internal organization. This is evident, for example, in the guiding role of the patriarch or major archbishop, the means of selecting bishops, and in some cases the presence of married priests. None of these differences, however, constitute a separation of faith or of communion with the See of Peter.

Because of this, any Catholic may attend, receive Communion, and fulfill the holy day precept at any Catholic rite. There is no formal procedure required before attending, but the ancient principle of "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" should be diligently applied.

Thus a Latin Catholic who wishes to attend one of these rites should acquaint himself with the basic practices and demands of the rite and adapt himself accordingly. For example, most Eastern rites remain standing for most of the celebration and do not kneel for the consecration; a Latin should respect this tradition. Some rites have stricter fasting rules before receiving Communion, and as far as possible a Latin should follow suit. Frequency in attending an Eastern celebration does not inscribe a Catholic to that rite, just as an Eastern Catholic who habitually attends the Latin rite does not automatically become Latin. To formally switch rites in a permanent manner requires a formal procedure.

The question is somewhat diverse for the case of Orthodox Churches, which are not in full communion with Rome but which enjoy the apostolic succession and all seven sacraments. While full communion is lacking, the Catholic Church no longer considers these Churches as being in a formal schism or as being excommunicated. From the Catholic standpoint, a member of the faithful who is unable to attend Mass because there is no Catholic celebration available, may, if he so wishes, attend and receive Communion at an Orthodox Divine Liturgy.

Likewise, an Orthodox Christian in a similar situation is allowed to receive Communion and some other sacraments in any Catholic rite. Such an attendance is always optional and is never obligatory, not even in order to fulfill a festive precept.

However, not all Orthodox Churches accept this, and some take a dim view of any form of intercommunion. Once more it is incumbent upon Catholics not to impinge on others' sensibilities and limit themselves to what is acceptable to each particular Church.”

Dear brother Knights, it is my privilege and joy to be part of this very vibrant council and participate in many activities in your ministry for the catholic Church. I am looking forward to our next year of sharing personal gifts and abilities in order to support each other on our path to heaven. Amen.




Okanagan Commemorative Pioneer Cultural Society (OCPCS)

Notice of General Meeting

When: Wednesday September 30th, 7pm

Where: Father McGivney Hall - Columbus Court

Brothers, OCPCS is the society that governs Columbus Court. If you can at all attend this very important meeting, please do so. As Knights of Columbus, you are all members of this society; and your ideas, and thoughts need to voiced to help run this society effectively. I hope to see you there.

Dale Hofer, GK 12202

Brother Gerry Gouge takes the helm as our New Bingo Director

Gerry Gouge has graciously decided to take on the role of our new Bingo Director. Thank you to brother Ed Sylvestre for his time spent facilitating this in the past. As you did with Ed, please give Gerry your full cooperation. If you can't make it on a certain night that Gerry is requesting, please volunteer another evening that is good for you. Please also brothers, make your dates on your calendar. Over the first three weeks of September, we had two "no shows", and one cancellation. Please be there by 6pm for your shift.

Thank you.

Oktoberfest 2009

Saturday October 3rd marks our first annual Oktoberfest. If you have not got your tickets yet, you can them after the 1030 OLOV mass on Sunday or call Dale Hofer @ 938-3253 or Steve Malerby @ 542-9579. We are just about the cut off point for selling tickets, so if you are planning on attending, please get your tickets soon.

October is Membership Month

On the weekend of October 18th, we will speak on membership at Sacred Heart Parish and the following Sunday (jacket Sunday), we will do a blitz at OLOV. Last year we achieved Double Star Status. We can do that again this year by signing up 12 new families. Please give it some thought and prayer as to bringing a new member into our fraternity.


Council 12202 Anniversary Mass and Celebration

We celebrated our 11th Anniversary on Sunday September 6th at the 10am Divine Mercy Celebration at St. Josaphat Ukrainian Church. For those that we there, I'm sure you had a great time and thank you so much for attending. A special thank you to Fr. Andrij for dedicating the mass to us on this occasion.