October 2011 Mother Teresa Council 12202

Website is www.kofc12202.ca

2011-2012 Executive

Fr. Andrij Wasylinko
Grand Knight
Bernie Lutes
Deputy Grand Knight
Randy Piccini
Financial Secretary
Steve Malerby
Dale Hofer
Bert Niehaus
Gerry Glasser
Jack McLaughlin
Myles Bukowsky
Trustee 1 year
Art Moeller
Trustee 2 year
Juan Ferrigno
Trustee 3 year
Maurice Bouchard
Inside Guard
Anton Schnieder
Outside Guard
Ben Allen
Field Agent
Blaine Anhel
Program Director
Randy Piccini
Church Director
Juan Ferrigno
Community Director
Art Moeller
Council Director
Gerry Glasser
Family Director
Joe Bukoswky
Youth Director
Angelo Sabaddin
Pro-Life Director
Clayton Bzdel
Membership Director
Steve Malerby
Recruitment 1
Dale Hofer
Recruitment 2
Jack McLaughlin
Charity Appeal Chair
Gerry Glasser
BBQ Director
Myles Bukowsky


Calendar of Events

Executive Meeting - For November ONLY Wednesday, November 9, 2011 -7pm OLOV

General Meeting - 4th Tuesday of the Month, November 22, 2011 - 7pm OLOV Council Chambers lower parking lot.


All Saints Party

(Children's Halloween Party - 3 to 12 yrs)

October 31st

from 6:00PM to 9:00PM

St. James Parish Centre

Early indications are we will have a good number of children and parents attending. We could use some help from brother Knights. Please consider helping. Call Juan at 250-545-2065.

Remembrance Day Ceremonies November 11th for both Coldstream and Vernon

Brother Dale Hofer along with 4th Degree brother Bert Niehaus will represent us at the Vernon ceremony.

Brother Larry Drescher along with 4th Degree brother Steve Malerby will represent us at the Coldstream ceremony.

Fraternal Pub Lunch - Date (in November) time and location to be announced. Brother Dale Hofer will arrange the first one and advise details by e-mail shortly.

November Birthdays

Ron Gatzke
November 10th
Joe Lymburner
November 23rd
Ronald La Rose
November 25th
Peter Dooling
November 28th
Father Martin Peyton
November 28th
John Zawyrucha
November 28th


Grand Knight's Report

October 2011

Chaplain's Report

Knights of Columbus  - October 2011

My brother Knights, tonight my hope is to move through the business part of the meeting in a fairly formal but quick way so that later in the hour we can have some social time before we all leave and get to know one another just a little better. What prompted my thought to shorten the business part was my attendance at the First degree last week here in Vernon where I heard our Degree team pledge to support any new Knight with the promise of Fraternalism. We here at Council #12202 are a very busy and active council and sometimes a core group of the Knights tend to lead and run events. We need and will promise all our recent new Knights and not so active members that we will involve you in projects we undertake so you too can feel that you truly are being part of the Team. This means our Program directors will promise to call you and invite you to participate in the some 37 plus projects we run over our full program year.

I would ask you to take the time to consider what your area of interest is and what is right for you and considering the time you have to be involved.  Then give me or Randy or your program director a call and tell him you would like to help. This is your part of the fraternal promise to take the initiative to become involved. I received such a call this past Saturday where a long time Knight asked if he could help in a certain area. I need you to know it made my day. Your call will make your program director’s day so look over our upcoming events and you make the first call.

Over the past 30 days many Knights in our Council have been very busy making sure the Oktoberfest 2011 was a financial success as well as a great social time. Later this evening you will hear the results and from where I sit they certainly succeeded in both areas!!! Well done Gentlemen.

Another part of being your new Grand Knight has been the completion of a report to State Council called the Quarterly report.  When you see the number of hours many Knights perform on behalf of the Knights or helping our Parish function and also helping them in growing in their faith you would be amazed.<<Over 700 hours in total>> What a team of hard working Knights. Thanks!!!

Last month I stated “Together we can do anything we set our minds to…….so God’s speed to you and let’s get started”. Well October was designated as membership month and our first quarter quota for new members was set at 4 and as at tonight we have 3 ….That is great!!….so between now and next Monday one of us should look to see who will become our next new Knight and part of our Mother Teresa Council…..and help us to meet a goal that seemed awfully large and now we are only one away.

God Bless, Brother Bernie

Your Grand Knight

“You are great, O Lord, and greatly to be praised … You have made us for yourself and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”

Dear Brother Knights, these words written in the 5th century by St. Augustine is a good summary of the 1st lesson from Bishop William E. Lori, Supreme Chaplain. It was requested that his message be used and discussed at our general meeting. We will try to fulfill this request to the best of our ability. Bishop Lori’s first message was called “Man’s capacity for God and God’s plan for man”. His Excellency was using the “Compendium Catechism of the Catholic Church” as his main resource.  In this book we find the answer for God’s plan for humanity which is defined in the following way: “God himself, in creating man in his own image, has written upon his heart the desire to see him. Even if this desire is often ignored, God never ceases to draw man to himself because only in God will he find and live the fullness of truth and happiness for which he never stops searching.”

Dear friends, this quote is loaded with many theological truths: first of all, we humanity, by nature are directed to turn towards God. Only He is able to fully satisfy our desire for happiness, which is another truth of our being.

Unfortunately, as Bishop Lori pointed out, we humans can decide to take a different path as a way of trying to achieve happiness. He mentioned a gentleman who built himself a beautiful sailboat at a cost of between $100 and $300 million. When asked if he is a happy man, with this and other luxuries, the man left the question unanswered. But we know the answer from the words of St. Augustine.

In his presentation, Bishop Lori points out that often a focus on possessions is not the only way humanity takes as a substitute for their search for God. Unfortunately, our Creator’s great gift, our reason, is sometimes used as a means to reject God. Here, the Supreme Chaplain brings to our attention Mr. Christopher Hitchens, an avowed atheist, who proclaims that enlightened and resistant rationality should replace religious faith. Although our reason alone can give answers to a lot of things, it will never explain the realm of divine revelation. It will never comprehend without divine assistance the existence of the Supreme Being, an Intelligent Creator who put our cosmos in existence, one that has harmony, order, beauty and purposefulness. Additionally, by ourselves, with the assistance of our intelligence, we cannot truly answer the basic questions of life: “Who am I?”, “Why do I exist?”, “Where am I going?” These questions are restricted to the realm of faith – the belief that God is in charge of everything and that He has a wonderful plan for us, to make us sharers in His blessed life. This God is a loving God and His plan is,  Bishop Lori says, ending his message,  ‘to go in search of us in spite of our tendency to substitute our possessions and false loves for him.”

Dear Brother Knights, I encourage you all to read the full article by our Supreme Chaplain and gain even more spiritual food from his message. May our loving and caring God continue to bless you all and your families with His graces, good health and true happiness.

In Christ, Fr. Andrij Wasylinko, Chaplain

PS: I truly regret that I was not able to come and join you tonight at your meeting. I would like to extend my special greetings to all the new brother knights and again to assure you of my prayers.

God bless you all.


District Deputy Report

12202 Coldstream Council Visit

It is my pleasure to be with you this evening. I bring you greetings from State and our State Deputy Wil Wilmot.

Just to give you a quick district membership overview, our goal is to have 22 net new members this fraternal year and 11 new net insurance members. As it sits now we have a net of zero, and have 2 new insurance members. The year is young and I am optimistic that the district will achieve its goals.

For 12202, we have a goal of 7 new members and 3 new insurance members. As of today, we are up one member, and have 2 insurance members. Congratulations for getting the ball rolling.

As a district we have planned one 1st degree (welcoming ceremony) per month. The Salmon Arm team and the Vernon/Coldstream team, alternate months for hosting the event. Our next one is November 21st in Salmon Arm. If there are more required, we will hold them.. Whatever works....

We have two major degrees scheduled this year that are reasonably close; March 10th in Kelowna and May 26th in Kamloops. I ask the membership committee to keep these dates in mind and start recruiting for these.

On Saturday September 24th, the district hosted a Regional Meeting. Thank you for having some representation at this meeting. We were very fortunate to have the complete State Executive in attendance. As usual it was very informative.

One of the strong points that came out, was to retain existing members and attract new members, activities are required. Our Worth State Secretary Ed Shawchuck, said and I quote: The Knights of Columbus is a vehicle for every Catholic man to fully live out his Catholic faith." end quote. I believe he hit the nail on the head. You need to keep members busy and excited and you will have a vibrate council. When non-members see what is going, they will want to be a part of it.

This year from Supreme, one of the initiatives is 365 awareness. This means being aware and recruiting everyday of the year. Along with this is 12 month action plan. Not a 4 or 5 month plan. There should be activities year round, including summer and December. This may tire the active members, but in the long run, a lot of good will become of it.

Worthy State Warden Michael Gernat spoke on the retention and procedures for suspension. All councils should submit to him their retention committee team. No member can be suspended unless a committee is created and submitted to our State Retention Chairman, brother Michael. Detailed procedures can be found on our BC/Yukon website on how the billing and retention sequences take place.

Brother Joe Van der Bush, our state general agent spoke as well. One of the things he talked about was K of C investments. Money is only invested in things that are supported by the Catholic church. This certainly gives me peace of mind. Who knows sometimes what other companies may invest in. Brother Joe also said that they always there to help the widow through the financial planning (budgeting) and paperwork like CPP for example. One point he made that was very interesting is that most of the agents are CFP (certified financial planners). A knight's membership fee is somewhere between $30 and $40 and that gives him access to the CFP. Outside the order, this could cost thousands. These are all very important reasons to becoming a knight. I hope everyone is an insurance member. If you need to talk to our agent, his name is Blaine Anhel. His cell is 250-804-8100. He lives in the Salmon Arm area.

Worthy State Advocate Peter Horsfield talked about programs. They are only limited to your imagination. There are Supreme and State programs you can run, or just do your own. I believe the key here is to just do programs. The Supreme programs can be found in the "Surge for Service" books and the State programs can be found on the state website. Two of the state ones talked about were "Coats for Kids" and the "Wheel chair foundation". The Coats for kids is that you get 12 coats to a box for $200/box. One of things to think about when doing activities, is how much PR can I get out of this. Make sure your parish community know about the things you do. This will attract new families.

Worthy State Treasurer Arcie Lim spoke on the Charity Appeal. The books have arrived and selling is underway. The top prize this year is $50,000 cash. This should help sell a few tickets.

All in all it was a great meeting.

Thank You for your time and attention here this evening. We are a team, and you have my commitment that I will help you as much as you want me to, to make this a busy, vibrant, and exciting council.

God Bless.


Recruitment with Knight Vision

A monthly newsletter intended to provide recruiting guidance and membership growth success.

WE NEED TO BE MEMBERSHIP ACTIVE 365 DAYS EACH YEAR:  Many of us will remember from our childhood, the famous Aesop Fable of the Tortoise and the Hare. The two of them were to race against each other after the hare kept teasing the tortoise that he was so fast, he didn’t have to start to race until the tortoise was nearly at the finish line. He was confident that there was nothing the tortoise could do to beat him. So the tortoise accepted the challenge and as you well know, the rest of the story is history. The slowly plodding tortoise went on to beat the hare who left everything until the last minute…and then ran out of time. The moral of this fable is “slowly does it every time.”  So how does your council line up? Is your council like the hare who waits until the last quarter of the year to become membership active and then loses the race? Or is your council a tortoise that plans, prepares, plods along each and every month and at the end, wins the race? There is much wisdom in this fable, wisdom we could all benefit from in order to grow our councils. The moral of this message is that “being membership active 365 days each year is what will make us succeed!” With October already upon us, let us begin “plodding” with our first church drive of the year this month and continue to look for new members each and every day of the year. If your council focuses on bringing in a minimum of one new member each month, you can’t help but be winners!!


Brother Jack McLaughlin sponsored our newest Knight, Dominic Lewis

Brother Dominic received his First degree on October 18, 2011 and provided a nice family updateat our regular meeting on October 25, 2011.

Welcome Dominic!

  The Doll House will be on display in the Narthex until draw date.

Grand Knight, Bernie Lutes presents Brother Joe Ackerman with a certificate for 'Knight of the Quarter' for his excellent work making the doll house which is being raffled off for the December 16th draw. In addition to his carpentry skills Joe continues to be an active usher at OLOV and regularly volunteers for Charity Appeal ticket selling. Well done Brother Joe!

Grand Knight, Bernie Lutes presents Ron Gatzke with a Certificate of Appreciation. Brother Ron was Round Table Chairman for Lumby Parish for two years and never missed an executive meeting to keep us well informed.
Grand Knight, Bernie Lutes presents Anton Schneider with a Certificate of Appreciation. Brother Anton has constructed card holders, shoe horns, and crib boards annually for our silent auctions and raffles. Anton is the Vernon and area record holder for Charity Appeal tickets sales.
Grand Knight, Bernie Lutes presents Larry Drescher with a Certificate of Appreciation. Brother Larry is our Mister Sunshine of the council as he visits those Knights and/or families who are in hospital. He is also in charge of the usher Ministry at OLOV.

Interesting Facts

Thirteen years and three months ago - July 1, 1998 this Council 12202 held its first council meeting. There were 30 founding members. Number attending the first meeting???

We are now 96 members. Almost 30% of our current members attended our last general meeting on October 25, 2011. Our social following the meeting was an open and friendly group. Numbers make the difference. Refreshements and goodies are always available at every meeting.

Doll House Raffle Information

Within the next week all Knights will have either picked up an envelope after Mass or will receive it in the mail. Your envelope will contain two books of tickets with the information below. It is our Council's opportunity to build up our community donation funds and, by having each Knight sell two dozen tickets, we have the ability to raise over $2,000.00.

If you need more tickets contact Gerry Glasser our Council Treasurer. Happy selling!


Oktoberfest Memories
The Attendees
Ralph The Auctioneer
The Dancers
The band
140 people enjoyed a wonderful evening. Good food, great music and a lively auction. Thanks to all who supported the event!


The Funny Bone...