November 2012 Newsletter

Mother Teresa Council 12202


The 2012-2013 Executive Team

Fr. Andrzej Wasylinko
Grand Knight
Bernie Lutes
Deputy Grand Knight
Karl Schoenberger
Financial Secretary
Steve Malerby
Clay Vernerey
Bert Niehaus
Gerry Glasser
Jack McLaughlin
Ben Allen
Trustee 1 year
Maurice Bouchard
Trustee 2 year
Juan Ferrigno
Trustee 3 year
Art Moeller
Inside Guard
Ron LaRose
Outside Guard
Bill Walker
Ben Loewen
Service Program Directors
Program Director
Karl Schoenberger
Church Director
Art Moeller
Community Director
Ben Allen
Council Director
Randy Piccini
Family Director
Joe Bukoswky
Youth Director
Angelo Sabaddin
Pro-Life Director
Will Stanton
Membership Director 1
Steve Malerby
Membership Director 2
Jack McLaughlin
Sick and Shut-in Director
Larry Drescher
Wheel Chair Project Director
Don Wenger
Field Agent
Blaine Anhel

Our Motto: In Service to one, In Service to all.


Calendar of Events

Next Executive Meeting - Tuesday November 13, 2012 - 7 pm

at OLOV Lower level


Next General Meeting - Tuesday November 27, 2012 - 7 pm

at OLOV Lower level


November monthly Fraternal Knight Lunch

2nd Thursday of the Month, November 08, 2012 - 12:00 to 1:30 pm at the Legion(behind Watkin Ford).Come join us!!!! this is NOT a business meeting, just Knights enjoying each other's company!


November Annual Membership drive

November 25, 2012

Our State Deputy and District Deputy have requested we recruit 7 good men to join our Council this year. Please consider asking a neighbour, a friend or a parishioner in the pew beside you to become a knight. Remember, they cannot become a Knight unless you ask them. Please sign up a new member. Members of your Executive have the form 100 membership applications.


Upcoming Event

Necrology Mass - Thursday, November 29, 2012 7:00 PM at St. Josaphat's Ukranian Catholic Church 2210 40th Avenue, Vernon, B.C.

The Necrology Mass is held annually to honour those brother Knights who have 'gone home'. This is a joint service held with Council 4949 and Council 12202, with the Mass arrangements and set-up being the responsibility of Council 12202 for 2012. We always invite the widows of deceased Knights of our Council and Council 4949 does the same.

Your attendance at this special Mass is expected and requested. Fr. Andrzej Wasylinko, Fr. Dale Normandeau, and Fr. Vincent Asomugha will officiate.

This year Fr. Andrzej will lead us through the Ukranian Catholic necrology service. Don't miss it!

Grand Knight's Comments

             Who are our members and where are they? As I start my final year as your Grand Knight I have to say that almost every member has stepped up to help when called upon to do so. This fraternal year we have 38 functions, projects or events that our Council executive has put on the calendar. Every one of those program activity has a chairman and a good number of newer Knights stepping up and agreeing to take on a function. In the past 6 months chairman of our very successful Wheelchair parish outreach and our just completed most successful fund raiser ever were Knights that have not been on the Executive or taken on a project.

             We here at Council #12202 are a very busy and active council and sometimes a core group of the Knights tend to lead and run events. We need and will promise all our recent new Knights over the past 2 years and our not so active members that we will give you the opportunity to involve you in projects we undertake so you too can feel that you truly are being part of the Team. This means our Program directors will need to call you and invite you to participate in the some 37 plus projects we run over our full program year.

             I have always said to those attending general meetings that I would love to see more of you come out and enjoy a short business meeting and enjoy your fellow Knights in an enjoyable social environment after the meeting. Your attendance keeps you better informed on what we are up to and what we are planning. This October we moved into our new meeting council room and part of our meeting provided a tour to members of our new area that we use within the church.

             I also have noted a good number of Knights, usually 14-18 Knights come out for lunch every second Thursday at noon. We meet at the new Legion location just behind Watkin Ford and a good time is usually the only business we have on the agenda. If you have the time and would like to come out and socialize with men who like you have joined this Knights council.

             I am really pleased at the level of involvement from all Knights in our many projects and ask that if and when you are called please be available and do your part to keep our Council active, involved and caring.

God Bless,

Brother Bernie

Your Grand Knight



From the desk of the District Deputy

October 2012

Greetings, Brother Knights, Councils of District 11,

One Member per Council per Month. What does that really mean? Supreme has put this challenge to us. Are we taking it seriously? So far we have our work cut out for us. As of this writing only one council, 4949, has exemplified new members this fraternal year. Thank you and congratulations Worthy Grand Knight Sal and your council. As I visit the councils in district 11, I have been delivering the message to bring young new members into our fraternity. At council meetings I asked everyone who was 70 years or older to put their hands up. At one meeting all but three Knights had their hands up. What do you think? Is this council in trouble if they don’t start to bring in some new members soon? By the way, they are not alone. There are many councils in that same situation. Our 70 and 80 year old members for the most part, are what keep our councils functioning. What will happen in a few years when these “work horses” are not able to get out any more, or Lord help us, they pass away? Where will these councils be? Where will our great fraternal order be?

In a month we will be celebrating Advent, a very exciting and magical time of year. Spend some time with our Lord. All too often, (including me), we succumb to Christmas shopping, working long hours, being taxis to our kids, or just plain watching TV. Take some time out for prayer. If your parish has adoration hours, take advantage of it. Take an hour out of your busy lives and spend the time in quite conversation with our Lord. I have found, as I’m sure most of you have found, that most prayers are answered. Whether there are challenges at work or at home, our Lord will always come to the rescue. We are very fortunate to have a very loving and caring God.

I will be visiting all district 11 councils again, early next year, and I look forward to our time together. I always enjoy my visit to the councils. Every council has its own personality. See you then.

Remember to live, laugh and be happy, all while doing God’s work.

God Bless,

Dale Hofer

DD #11
Columbian Award 2011-2012

District Deputy, Dale Hofer presents Grand Knight of Council 12202, Bernie Lutes with the Columbian Award for the 2011-2012 year




Field Agent Knights of Columbus Insurance

Four parts of retirement: Phase two

In a previous article, I discussed protection and how Knights of Columbus products can provide it for you and your wife in your retirement years. The next phase of retirement is accumulation of cash.
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Some experts will tell you that you should prepare for retirement with a plan that calls for 70% of the income you had pre-retirement. I think that falls woefully short. Plan on the 90% range. Consider this: what are you giving up that translates to 30% of your income? You still have to eat, you will travel more (going to see the grandchildren), taxes need to be paid, and on and on. Be careful of that 70% arbitrary rule.
I can help you build a plan to reach your goals. Contact me today to learn more.

Four parts of retirement: Phase three

My previous two articles discussed important steps that lead to retirement. But what happens once you reach that goal? You’ve got free time to pursue your interests, visit friends and family and relax. It’s a beautiful thing indeed.
You’ve now entered the de-accumulation phase. You will start to spend down the assets you have accumulated during your working years. Remember: a 60-year-old man has a 20% chance of making it to 95! A 60-year-old woman has a 30% chance. And there is a 40% chance that at least one member of a married 60-year-old couple will make it to 95. That’s a long time to live off of accumulated cash while you don’t work. Save, save, save, so you will be able to de-accumulate.
As a Knight, you have access to a product that is designed to make saving safe and easy. Our annuity is designed to provide guaranteed long-term security. Consistent and disciplined savings placed into this annuity over time can provide income at retirement that you cannot outlive. With that guarantee comes the fact that no one has ever lost money put in a Knights of Columbus annuity (remember, absolute safety of principal) and consider the value you are getting.
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Blaine Anhel, FIC
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Canadian Tire Money

A number of years ago the Knights of Columbus Council 12202 placed the box on the left in the Narthex of Our Lady of the Valley Church asking parishioners to drop in their spare Canadian Tire money. On October 16, 2012 we opened the box! To our delight we found much more than we had anticipated. The picture to the right shows just some of the money that was collected. Thank you to everyone for just slightly over $210.00 in Canadian Tire money and cash.

During the recent Oktoberfest four bundles of $45.00 of Canadian Tire money were auctioned off for $35.00 per bundle. One successful bidder was so pleased with the supper, band and friendly atmosphere that he donated his bundle back for sale. Net result, we received $180.00 Canadian money for the $180.00 in Canadian Tire money. We think it was a great deal!!

The box is back in the Narthex, take a look around and bring in your spare Canadian Tire money!




Brother Joe Ackerman has come out of retirement!!

Brother Joe was so pleased with the success of last year's Doll house raffle, he has spent over 300 hours constructing the doll house below and has hand-built all the furniture for all the rooms.

Announcing the 2012 Doll House Raffle

Within the next 10 days all Knights will have either picked up an envelope after Mass or will receive it in the mail. Your envelope will contain two books of tickets with the information below. It is our Council's opportunity to build up our community donation funds and, by having each Knight sell two books of tickets, we have the ability to raise over $2,000.00. Last year we set the target at $1,000.00 and raised almost $1,400.00.

If you need more tickets contact Gerry Glasser, our Council Treasurer. Happy selling!


Mother Teresa

Fr. Tony Ackerman presents a painting of Council 12202's namesake, Mother Teresa to Grand Knight, Bernie Lutes as District Deputy, Dale Hofer observes.

Oktoberfest  2012
Food preparation crew
Chairman Karl Schoenberger
The crowd
The Evergreen Drifters
Thank you to chairman Brother Karl Schoenberger and his team for a great evening. Approximately 140 people enjoyed a wonderful evening of good food and great music from The Evergreen Drifters. We had a lively auction with Ralph Hounslow doing the honours and Bernie Lutes encouraging the crowd with his Auction Antics. Thanks to all who supported the event! Thanks also to all those who stepped in to help Brother Karl's directors of Maurice Bouchard for beverages, Randy Piccini for a wonderful meal, and Ben Allen on setup and decorations. (More hands make less work!) The band has been booked for next year’s event to be held on October 19, 2013. Mark your calendars.
November Birthdays
Ron Gatzke 10
Bernardino Ramis 13
Michael Flaherty-Specht 13
Emile Perreault 24
Ronald La Rose 25
John Zawyrucha 28
Fr. Martin Peyton 28
Peter Dooling 28
Harold Keating 28

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