November/December 2011 Newsletter

Mother Teresa Council 12202

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2011-2012 Executive

Fr. Andrij Wasylinko
Grand Knight
Bernie Lutes
Deputy Grand Knight
Randy Piccini
Financial Secretary
Steve Malerby
Dale Hofer
Bert Niehaus
Gerry Glasser
Jack McLaughlin
Ben Allen
Trustee 1 year
Art Moeller
Trustee 2 year
Juan Ferrigno
Trustee 3 year
Maurice Bouchard
Inside Guard
Anton Schnieder
Outside Guard
Bill Walker
Ben Loewen
Field Agent
Blaine Anhel
Program Director
Randy Piccini
Church Director
Juan Ferrigno
Community Director
Art Moeller
Council Director
Gerry Glasser
Family Director
Joe Bukoswky
Youth Director
Angelo Sabaddin
Pro-Life Director
Clayton Bzdel
Membership Director
Steve Malerby
Recruitment 1
Dale Hofer
Recruitment 2
Jack McLaughlin
Charity Appeal Chair
Gerry Glasser
BBQ Director
Myles Bukowsky


Calendar of Events

Executive Meeting - 2nd Wednesday of the month, December 14, 2011 - 7 pm OLOV Council Chambers lower parking lot

*Merry Christmas*


*Happy New Year*

Next General Meeting - 4th Tuesday of the Month, January 24, 2012 - 7 pm OLOV Council Chambers lower parking lot.


Our first Fraternal Pub Lunch

Date: December 8, 2011

Time: Noon to whenever

Place: Legion (behind Watkin Ford)

Come Join us!!

This coming Sunday, November 27th, is Jacket Sunday. Please wear you blue blazer and join us at the back of the church for us to receive communion as a group.

December Birthdays

Stanislaw Mielniczuk
December 5th
Michael Mullholland
December 6th
Blaise Mac Neil
December 12th
Angelo Sabbadin
December 15th
Gord Adams
December 29th
Brandt Robbenhaar
December 29th

Grand Knight's Report

November 2011

My brother Knights, only twice in my term as you Grand Knight do I get the chance to offer my Christmas wish for each of you and your families. As you might know with our regular meeting the fourth Tuesday of every month, on Tuesday December 27th we will not be holding a regular meeting.

There is so much to share with you….all good….lots of events and planning and agenda items to make sure we cover. But I do want to stop the regular work clock on this meeting to make sure that each and every one of you realize how important a part you play in our Council, those of you at the meeting this evening and those of you who do not regularly attend.

Father Dale closed off his homily last Sunday on the last Sunday in ordinary time with the comment that as one that serves others so also he serves the Lord. Well from my 8 years of having worked with and being associated with many of you in church and community events you are very much serving others and helping make our world and community a better place. This is what Knights do………………..they make a difference………… make a difference !...You care!!

There are so many people we could identify that never make a monthly meeting but do an outstanding job of serving their faith and showing why we as Knights have the motto “In service to One in service to All”.


There are also many who regularly attend meetings and are here tonight, who do far more than one should expect of a single person. We need to keep the passion alive to do what we can to make this a better place to live and work.

 It is my hope that each one of us take the time to enjoy the wonderful message of the birth of Jesus and despite all the worldly news that seems to counter our goodwill that we focus on family and helping others not as fortunate as we are. Participate in making sure anyone who meets you knows that you love to hear “Merry Christmas” and that you really love to see those manger decorations displayed.

Truly this year I pledge to try and “Keep Christ in Christmas “in my daily routine leading up to Christmas.

God bless you each and every one and your families and may the Christmas season for you be full of Joy and Happiness.

Brother Bernie

Your Grand Knight

Youth Director's Report

Knights of Columbus  - November 2011

Over the past 90 days our youth programs and activities have included:

- Youth night, where the youth come together every Friday to spend time, play games, and plan their events. The number of youth at Youth Night ranges from fourteen to twenty-four.

- Youth Band, which plays one Mass a month for the parish of OLOV.

- There has been a hike to BX Falls which was attended by ten youth.

In my opinion, the parish's adult involvement which includes the Knight's with our youth and willingness to volunteer their talents and abilities, let alone their time, has been disappointing.

I look forward to the increasing awareness and involvement of fellow Knights in the youth events of our parish, and of our responsibility to give good example, of both faith and charity. To get involved simply give me a call and let me know that you want to be involved. My phone number is 250-308-5210. Please call.


We have been fortunate to be able to arrange for Jason Evert to come to Vernon this December. Jason is a motivational speaker on theology of the body and an accomplished speaker with a religious background. I hope this will be a life changing experience for many youth and their families. All Knights/Parishioners and their families are invited. Watch the Parish bulletin for date, time and location for this event.

There are many events in the works, including a Youth retreat, which will include a night over at the church, games, speakers, adoration and hopefully confession. This should happen in early spring.

Youth Ministries Volunteer needed.

We currently need someone willing to spend one or more Fridays a month from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at OLOV. We would like an occasional weekend event which can be planned together. The primary focus is for there to be adult involvement. Your willingness to play games, help young people learn to organize their own events, and most importantly, give good example are the requirements necessary.

Call me, I NEED your help!

Thanks Angelo

Chaplain's Report

Knights of Columbus  - November 2011

Knights of Columbus – Nov. 2011

Glory be to Jesus Christ,

Dear Brother Knights,

For our November meditation I will not follow the program designed by Bishop Lori, but this time will talk on a different theme. As probably many of you are aware, our Pontiff each month is choosing two intentions that he asks the faithful to pray for. One intention is a general one, and the other is for a mission. I was very pleased to learn about the general intention for the month of November. Pope Benedict XVI is praying this month for an increase in knowledge of and esteem for the Eastern Catholic Churches. This general intention is “that the Eastern Catholic Churches and their venerable traditions may be known and esteemed as a spiritual treasure for the whole Church.”?As this intention was announced, there was also a short explanation about the Eastern Catholic Churches. First of all, these are the Catholic Churches that are in full communion with Rome. They originate in Eastern Europe, Asia or Africa and have their own liturgical, [spiritual, theological] and legal systems. The national or ethnic character of their regions of origin identifies these Churches. There are 22 Eastern Catholic Churches, and their members number worldwide between 16 and 17 million.

Although I do not know why our Pontiff chose this intention in November, but in my opinion, the timing was very appropriate for our Ukrainian Catholic Church – the biggest Eastern Catholic Church. It is so, because in November we commemorate our first Ukrainian Catholic saint. Although the Ukrainian nation was baptized already in 988 in the Byzantine Tradition and had since that time many saints as the Orthodox Church, it entered into union with Rome only in the year 1596 becoming the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Her first saint is St. Josaphat Kuntsevych, our very own patron saint for the Vernon parish.

I will take this opportunity and say a few words about this great martyr. John Kuntsevych was born in Volodymyr Volynski, in 1580. As a young boy, he loved to frequent the holy services and prayed with great fervor. In 1604, He entered the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Vilnius, Lithuania. Upon receiving the monastic tonsure and habit, he took the name Josaphat. By his example of fidelity and self-denial, he was able to reform the monastery, together with his friend Joseph Rutsky.

Their loving example spread beyond the monastery walls to the entire Ukrainian Church. In 1617, Rutsky and Josaphat succeeded in forming a confederation of monasteries, which became the Order of St. Basil the Great. To his great dismay, in 1618, Josaphat was appointed Archbishop of Polotsk-Vitebsk.

For five years, he worked diligently to achieve church unity, as the Savior had prayed, “so that all may be one.” Josaphat’s humility and zeal won over many people, but also angered those who did not want to be united with Rome.

Archbishop Josaphat is one of those figures in history caught in a web of controversy, where even good people find it hard to keep their heads. He was caught in a battle between Catholic & Orthodox, Latin and Byzantine and found himself critized and opposed on every side: by the Orthodox for being Catholic and by the Latins or Roman Catholics, for being Byzantine. He held firmly to the Catholic unity against the Orthodox and just as firmly to Byzantine rights against the Latins.

Those who are aware of Church history, know that the relationship between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church became unfortunately unfriendly already in the beginning of the 13th century. When our Ukrainian Orthodox Church entered into union with Rome in Brest in 1596, Josaphat was a 16-year-old boy.

In this young and newly formed relationship as the Ukrainian Catholic Church, Archbishop Josaphat clung firmly to unity with Rome, but was forced to battle and oppose Catholics who unfortunately saw unity only in Roman Catholic terms and would suppress Byzantine traditions in the name of Catholic unity. As a result, he made enemies and severe critics among the Roman Catholic clergy of Poland. But unfortunately, those were not his archenemies. It was some of our own people who opposed union with Rome and rejected Bishop Josaphat’s loving pastoral care and brought about the end of his short, holy life. St. Josaphat lived at such a period of history where it was a no-win situation, and hence he chose to become a martyr for the cause of unity.

Thus, during a pastoral visitation of his cathedral in Vitebsk, on November 12, 1623, Josaphat was brutally martyred; his body stripped and thrown in the river.

Immediately after his death, many miracles of conversion were attributed to his intercession, beginning with the conversion of his murderers. One of the greatest opponents of union with Rome, Bishop Meleti Smotrytsky, attributed his own conversion to Josaphat.

Josaphat Kuntsevych was beatified by Pope Urban VIII on May 16, 1643 and canonized by Blessed Pope Pius IX, on June 29, 1867. He is the first Ukrainian Saint to be formally beatified and canonized. To celebrate the three-hundredth anniversary of the Saint’s martyrdom, Pope Pius XI issued an encyclical letter, Ecclesiam Dei. Since 1963, his incorrupt body lies under the altar of Saint Basil, in the Vatican Basilica of St. Peter’s.

In the gospel of St. John, Jesus in the following term describes himself: “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.” St. Josaphat was truly a real shepherd and it is our privilege to share him as a saint with all the faithful of the Catholic Church. May he continue to pray for our needs, but especially for unity among Christians. Amen.



Tidbits from your

Financial Secretary

Your Council Advocate

Brother Steve here: Annual membership dues have been coming in well and to those who have paid in advance, Thanks. We held our early payment membership dues refund draw with almost 30 names in the hat. Congratulations Vince Edwards. In order to obtain your $30.00 refund you must be in attendance at the next general meeting. For our remaining members, who have annual dues to be paid , please mail your cheque to me or drop it off at church.

The Grand Knight's handbook states "The Advocate is the parliamentariian for the council. He should be thoroughly familiar all the laws of the Order." In essence, he is in charge of the correct protocol and processes of our council meetings.

During the last meeting I noted the process of addressing the Grand Knight is in need of review. If you wish to speak, you are to rise and make the sign for recognition and not begin speaking until the Grand Knight acknowledges your sign. Upon completion of you comments you again make the sign which is again acknowledged by your Grand Knight and you may be seated. Additional speakers simply follow the same process.

From the desk of the District Deputy:

Greetings, Brother Knights,

As we approach the Christmas season, let's try to set aside a little time for our Lord. A time of prayer and reflection on what this season really brings to us. Most of the time we are rushing around like there is no tomorrow. Let's slow down for a moment, catch our breath, and cherish and anticipate the birth of our Saviour. That is the least we can do for Him and ourselves.

Over the past couple months I have had the privilege to visit all of the councils in our district. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed each and every visit and look forward to my next one. We will be having a district meeting on December 5th, and I hope to see a lot of you out again at that time. As I stated in all my visits with you, if there is anything I can do to help you out this fraternal year, please do not hesitate in asking me.

My wife Dianne and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and may 2012 bring you your dreams and wishes. Remember to live, laugh and be happy, all while doing God’s work.

God Bless,

Dale Hofer

DD #11

Grand Knight, Bernie Lutes presented Myles Bukowsky with a Certificate of Appreciation after Mass on November 20th. Brother Myles has been our Family Barbeque Director and Warden. He has been involved for years in our music program at Mass (The Bukowsky Quartet) and has performed many hours of service around the church and grounds. Most appreciated by fellow Knights and parishioners, he received a strong round of applause from those attending mass. He has accepted employment that will take him to Northern BC and Alberta. We wish him all the very best in his latest endeavour.





Doll House Raffle Information

The Doll House will be on display and tickets will be available in the Narthex after Mass until draw date.

An update note from your Grand Knight

Brothers, as at November 23, 2011 over 31 books of tickets have been sold and books and monies returned to the council. What a great start, Thanks.

We have set December 10th as the latest date for you to return tickets and monies as the draw is to be held on December 16th.

Here are your options for returning tickets and $$:

  • Up to December 5th mail the sold tickets and your cheque to your Grand Knight. His address is on the envelope.
  • If you have cash please deliver it to our Financial Secretary, Steve Malerby at 11603 Tassie Dr in Coldstream.
  • Bring your tickets and cash to church and, after Mass, give them to Steve Malerby or Gerry Glasser, your Treasurer.

Effective December 2nd one of our Knights will call you if the tickets have not been received and will confirm the above arrangements.

Please do your part to ensure every ticket sold has a stub in the draw barrel. We NEED ALL tickets back.

The Funny Bone...

Jack The Newfie Turned Catholic

Each Friday night after work, sun, snow or rain, Jack, being a Newfie, would fire up his outdoor grill and cook a moose steak.

All of Jack's neighbours were Catholic and since it was Lent, they were forbidden from eating meat on Friday. The delicious aroma from the grilled moose steaks was causing such a problem for the Catholic faithful that they finally talked to their priest.

The priest came to visit Jack, and suggested that he become a Catholic.

After several classes and much study, Jack attended Mass, and as the priest sprinkled holy water over him, he said: "You were born a Protestant and raised a Protestant, but now you are a Catholic."

Jack's neighbours were greatly relieved, until Friday night arrived, and the wonderful aroma of grilled moose filled the neighbourhood. The priest was called immediately by the neighbours, and, as he rushed into Jack's yard, clutching a rosary and prepared to scold him, he stopped and watched in amazement.

There stood Jack, clutching a small bottle of holy water which he carefully sprinkled over the grilling meat and chanted: "You wuz born a moose, you wuz raised a moose, but now you is a Codfish."