January 2011 Mother Teresa Council 12202

Fr. Andrij Wasylinko 549-1327

Grand Knight
Dale Hofer 938-3253
Deputy Grand Knight
Will Stanton 545-0515
Financial Secretary
Steve Malerby 542-9579
Joe Bukowsky 545-8110
Bert Niehaus 549-7437
Ben Loewen 542-4342
Clair Methot 542-2051
Myles Bukowsky 550-5795
Trustee 1 year
Jack McLaughlin 260-1933
Trustee 2 year
Ron Gatzke 547-6022
Trustee 3 year
Juan Ferrigno 545-2065
Inside Guard
Anton Schnieder 549-1789
Outside Guard
Ben Allen 550-6111
Dave Sorokovsky 545-3352

Field Agent
Blaine Anhel 1-877-532-5632

Website is www.kofc12202.ca

Calendar of Events

Executive Meeting - 2nd Tuesday of the Month, 7pm
General Meeting - 4th Tuesday of the Month, 7pm

Pro-Life Baby Basket - January/February 2011 - OLOV

Valentines Extravaganza - February 12th, 2011 Parish Center

Youth Viper Event - February 20th, 2011

Mass for the Unborn - March 25th, 2011

Ladies Appreciation - May 6th, 2011

Major Degree - May 7th, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt - May 1st, 2011

Pro-Life Living Rosary - May 15th, 2011

Installation of Officers - June 5th, 2011

Children's Festival - June 12th, 2011

Program Director Will Stanton 250-545-0515
Church Director Juan Ferrigno 250-545-2065
Community Director Gerry Glasser 250-545-0577
Council Director Bernie Lutes 250-545-9564
Family Director Joe Bukoswky 250-545-8110
Youth Director Dale Hofer 250-938-3253
Pro-Life Director Clayton Bzdel 250-503-3069
Membership Director Steve Malerby 250-542-9579
Recruitment Jack McLaughlin 250-260-1933
Recruitment Dale Hofer 250-938-3253
Charity Appeal Chair Gerry Glasser 250-545-0577
BBQ Director Myles Bukowsky 250-550-5795
Bingo Director Gerry Goudge 250-545-8986


Grand Knight's Report

Grand Knight Message from the January 25th, 2011 Meeting

Welcome Brothers,

This month as I did in November, I would like to quote a section from "The Rediscovering Catholicism" book. This is taken from the chapter, "Who will be next?"

I quote....."Life is passing us by. Life is wonderful but brief, and yet, filled with unimaginable potential. Within each of us, there is a light. It is the light of God, and when it shines, it reflects not only the wonder of God, but also the greatness of the human spirit. We live in difficult times. I pray that we never become fearful, but rather, that we turn our focus to the nurturing the light within us. I hope we allow that light within us to be nourished and to grow. Darkness has one enemy that it can never defeat - light. Let your light shine."     End Quote.

I use this as a prelude to discuss what our council is up against at this time. As most of you know, Brother Will needs to step down as DGK and the next GK. We need some brothers to "let their light shine" and step forward to take on leadership of this council. As the end of June, my term is completed. We need someone to step forward to take on the DGK role and ultimately the GK position in July. We also need people to begin thinking of taking on other executive roles in the coming year. We will need a DGK for next year, Treasurer, Trustee, and any other role you would like to take on. Any of you can take on any of the roles and do a great job. We have a lot new knights that could take on the new roles. New knights bring fresh ideas and new energy.

Brother Will once said, "I feel it is my duty to be GK at least once". Brother Clair said that same thing to me last Sunday after mass. I believe that 100%. You joined the K of C for a reason. What is going to be your legacy with the Knights? I've said it many times that this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Being GK has helped me grow spiritually, and enabled me to be a better person. I know we are all busy, but as GK, you decide how active a council you want. Yes, I went a bit nuts with activities, but that does not need to be the case. Quite frankly, I would suggest that the next GK, pull back on the number of activities a bit unless he has the backing of the executive to go forward with full steam.

As for administrative responsibilities, everything is on computer. On top of what supreme and state have created for electronic reports, I have added my own short cuts to that. Quarterly reports take less than an hour to do. That's one hour every 3 months to keep state and supreme happy. If you are computer-less, then your DGK or FS can help you out. There are a few councils around that do that.  Anything is possible.

Thank you for attending this evening. Thank you for your time. Until next month, live, laugh and be happy, all while doing God’s work.

Dale Hofer, Grand Knight 12202

District Deputies Report:

(repeat of November bulletin...)

My Brothers All,

It’s happening, here we are a month before Christmas and I have had to stop and give myself the reality check……its’ not about getting the lights up on the garage or trying to figure out what kind of gift to get my wife…..its about stopping and rejoicing in the reason we are celebrating this season.   It is about the fraternal friendships that we share with one another as Brother Knights  and more importantly about the good works that our Order does BECAUSE we celebrate the Birth of Christ and what that means to all of us. I look around and see how fortunate I am.  I think of those men and women who are away from home because they are defending the right to worship   I think of all of those who are cold and hungry while I write in my daytimer yet another social event. I think of the little girl I watched on the Santa Claus parade who wished everyone a Happy Holidays. I think of the money that will be spent “buying” happiness.  I think of all of these things and I want to say, I’m sorry God…..  Thank you for the reality check. I will be attending the semi-annual DD’s meeting in Surrey the first weekend in December.  It provides an opportunity for all of the DD’s to come together and share ideas and successes, as well as to find out the goals of the Jurisdiction for the next six months of our fraternal year. I am pleased with the recruitment results to date in District 11, but one thing that this season does provide us with is the coming together not only at mass, but for other seasonal occasions….look around you, do you see a catholic gentleman that is not a Brother.  Extend that hand of welcome and invitation!

On behalf of Deb and our family, I would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.  Be safe in your travels over the holiday season and remember, when you are greeted with a seasonal salutation, return that greeting with a MERRY CHRISTMAS and give thanks for the glorious gift of the Birth of our Saviour!

Merry Chritmas, Joyeux Noel

Michael Gernat DD #11


Chaplain's Report

Dear Brother Knights,

I hope that everyone had a healthy, joyful and blessed Christmas season. And although Christmas celebrations have already been over for some time now, I would nonetheless like to talk about something that is connected with this very special event in salvation history and its importance in our life.

I wonder if anyone had the opportunity to listen to BC Almanac on CBC radio on Monday prior to Christmas day. It featured a discussion about Christmas celebrations and the issue of the place of religion in our life in general. It was stated there that the mid December poll showed that 25% of BC residents considered that “religion was of no importance” to them and was actually the highest percentage in the country of those with this sentiment. The presenter’s guest was a professor of theology and culture from UBC, who was able to explain the reasons for the religious and spiritual trends in this province. What he made clear was a new trend where more and more people are saying that they are not religious but spiritual. This means they will not belong to any formal religion or Church, but will choose for themselves what they want for their spiritual well being. As was stated, it is quite common practice for these kind of individuals to go for a service to Catholic Church in the morning, then for yoga meditation or class at lunch and in the evening for buddhist meditation, just to mention a few religions. There could even be more elaborate combinations of religions. Unfortunately, the speaker did not elaborate on the reality that this kind of approach to religion goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church. Interestingly enough, the same issue was addressed in another media outlet – in the Ukrainian Catholic Church nationwide paper called “Progress”. In its Christmas issue, Fr. Robert Anderson wrote an article: “Spiritual but not Religious?” I would like to read this very short article for a very special reason. Fr. Robert was a friend of mine during seminary and also my spiritual director. He died very suddenly after Christmas at the age of 64, and this was his last article.

“Spiritual but not Religious?”   - “People have always used clichés when they speak and our age is no different from any other. One that we often hear today is the claim to be spiritual, but not religious. Is this possible? Of course it is. There have always been people who were spiritual, but not religious. Generally religion tends to mean a link with a higher power, normally referred to as God; but what about those who are not convinced of the role or even existence of this higher power or God? They may not be religious, but they are often quite interested in things that normally would be labelled as being spiritual. I was thinking about whether I knew anyone who was not religious and I came up with a few individuals, but such was not the case when I tried to identify people who were not spiritual.

There are those who claim to not believe in the existence of God, but many of them have unwittingly created their own false gods – money, power, popularity, prestige etc. This is idolatry – making into god that which is not really God.

With regard to being spiritual, I could not think of a single person I know or have learned about in history that was not spiritual. As far as I can see, everyone is spiritual in some way. Now just a minute, you may say. What about individuals like Hitler and Stalin? I would say they were very spiritual individuals, but the big question is not whether or not you were spiritual, but which spirit are you following?

Are you following the Holy Spirit of God or some other spirit – the spirit of pride and vainglory, the spirit of greed and avarice, the spirit of lust, the spirit of sloth, the spirit of gluttony, the spirit of deceit, the spirit of murder? There are many spirits which can influence us if we allow them to do so, but there is only one Holy Spirit of God who sanctifies us and bestows His gifts on us.

In his first letter, St. John tells us, ‘’Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God; for many false prophets have gone out into the world.’’ (I John 4;1) It would be very wise for each of us to take inventory making sure that we are striving to come under the influence of the Holy Spirit of God and not falling for the deceit of the father of lies.”

Dear Brother Knights, as we begin the New Year, I wish you and your families good health and many God’s blessings in the coming months of 2011. May we ask for the graces necessary to enable us to continue following only the Spirit of the one true God. God bless you all.        

Knight of the Quarter - Gerry Glasser

Gerry was a little hesitant, to say the least, when asked to take on the role of Charity Appeal Chairman. He did however take it on and ran with it remarkably. We had a very successful campaign, and a lot of that goes to Gerry's credit. From October to completion (this past week), he had been dealing with delivering and picking up tickets, arranging the sellers for location and times, collecting and reconciling all the money, ordering new tickets, sending back the sold tickets, and on and on. One of the things I (Dale) loved about this, was that he just went and ran with it. He kept who he needed to "in the loop", but made it his project. Thank you very much for all your time and effort on this Gerry.

The Rosary

As most of you know, our council is leading the Rosary at OLOV on the 4th Sunday of the month. What we need is brothers to lead some (or all) of the rosary on these Sundays. Please be at the church prior to 10am on these Sundays to take this on. We have been doing this since November and the congregation attendance and participation has gone up substantially, but it would be nice of some more people took on the leadership role. Thnak You.


Valentine Dinner and Extravaganza

Brothers, We are hosting a Valentines Dinner and Variety Show on February 12th. To date, ticket sales are a little bit light. Pleas come out to support this event. We are having a 4 course Italian Dinner with all the trimmings; a variety of entertainment such as the Zirka Dancers, Ukes for Fun, Morgan Hillis, The Cheek to Cheek Dancers, and a couple more that we are just firming up. Later in the evening, we will have dancing for those that want to kick up their heals. Tickets are $25 each. Where else are you going to get this type of meal and entertainment for that kind of money. Please support your council and our local charities. The servers for the meal will be representatives of World Youth Day trip.


Charity Appeal Report

                                                               as of January 25, 2011

Received from K of C Charity (BC) Foundation at start of campaign          800 books

Received additional books in December                                                     100 books

Received additional books in January                                                         150 books

Total received                                                                                          1,050 books

Council 4949

Council 12202


Members who sold




Total Hours worked




Tickets sold




% of hours worked




Top seller

Sal D’Agosto - 376

Anton Schneider – 1,752

2nd place seller

Tony Kopp – 329

Ron Gatzke – 338

I wish to thank the members who have given so generously of their time for making this event a success.

Gerry Glasser

Youth Retreat

Last weekend the 28th and 29th, the CWL and our council 12202 co-sponsored and a youth retreat held at OLOV. At total of 17 youth partook in the event. A special thank you to Father Dale, brother Will Stanton and his wife Simone, brother Dave Sorokovsky and his wife Nyssa, brother Ben Loewen, brother Angelo Sabaddin, Veronica Stanton and Dianne Hofer for all their efforts in putting this together. The event began at 6pm Friday night and went until 4pm or so Saturday afternoon. Great job everyone.


January and February Birthdays

Nathan Loewen
January 3rd
David Sorokovsky
January 4th
Gord Higginson
January 16th
Anton Schnieder
January 19th
John Piovesan
January 21st
Vince Edwards
January 22nd
Frank Firth
January 23rd
Ben Loewen
January 24th
Mike Lawless
February 3rd
Steve Malerby
February 5th
Peter Dyck
February 8th
Hank Bronswyk
February 12th
Clay Vernerey
February 23rd

The Funny Bone ....

Young Ventriloqusit

A young ventriloquist is touring the clubs and one night he's doing a show in  Gainesville , Florida-------- 
With his dummy on his knee, he starts going through his usual dumb blond jokes When a blond woman in the 4th row stands on her chair and starts shouting: 

'I've heard enough of your stupid blond jokes. What makes you think you can stereotype women that way? What does the colour of a person's hair have to do with her worth as a human being? Its men like you who keep Women like me from being respected at work and in the community, and from reaching our full potential as people. Because you and your kind continue to perpetuate discrimination against not only blondes, but women in general... And all in the name of humour!' 

The embarrassed ventriloquist begins to apologize, and the blonde yells, 'You stay out of this! I'm talking to that little shit on your lap!'

Senoir Golf

Arthur is 90 years old. He's played golf every day since his retirement 25 years ago.One day he arrives home looking downcast.
"That's it," he tells his wife. "I'm giving up golf. My eyesight has got so bad. Once I've hit the ball, I can't see where it went." His wife sympathizes. As they sit down, she has a suggestion:
"Why don't you take my brother with you, and give it one more try."
"That's no good," sighs Arthur. "Your brother is a hundred and three. He can't help."
"He may be a hundred and three," says the wife, "but his eyesight is perfect."
So the next day, Arthur heads off to the golf course with his
Brother-in-law. He tees up, takes an almighty swing, and squints down the fairway.
He turns to the brother-in-law. "Did you see the ball?"
"Of course I did!", says the brother-in-law. "I have perfect eyesight."
"Where did it go?" asks Arthur.
"Can't remember."