February 2009 Mother Tersea Council 12202

Grand Knight
Dale Hofer 938-3253
Deputy Grand Knight
John Johnston 275-0745
Financial Secretary
Steve Malerby 542-9579
Joe Bukowsky 545-8110
Bert Niehaus 549-7437
Bernie Lutes 545-9564
Mike Abraniuk 545-1565
Myles Bukowsky 550-5795
Trustee 1 year
Clay Vernerey 545-0616
Trustee 2 year
Roy Wylie 558-4838
Trustee 3 year
Jack McLaughlin 260-1933
Inside Guard
Ed Sylvestre 503-7623
Outside Guard
Richard Landry 275-0818
Clair Methot 542-2051
Fr. Andrij Wasyinko 549-1327

Calendar of Events

Executive Meeting - 2nd Tuesday of the Month, 7pm
General Meeting - 4th Tuesday of the Month, 7pm

Next General Meeting - March 24th - Columbus Court

St. Patrick's Day Dinner and Dance - March 14th - Schubert

1st Degree Ceremony - March 31st - Columbus Court

Easter Egg Hunt - April 19th - OLOV

Ladies Appreciation Night - May 22nd - Illahee Inn

First OLOV BBQ - May 10th (Tentative)

Children's Festival - Early June - OLOV

Program Director John Johnston 275-0745
Church Director Jack McLaughlin 260-1933
Community Director Gord Adams 260-1139
Council Director Bert Niehaus 549-7437
Family Director Maurice Bouchard 549-2310
Youth Director Richard Landry 275-0818
Membership Director Dale Hofer 938-3253
Recruitment Steve Malerby 542-9579
Recruitment Mike Abraniuk 545-1565
Health Director Larry Drescher 545-0081
BBQ Director Myles Bukowsky 550-5795


Grand Knight's Report

Brother Knights,

Tomorrow Lent begins and I hope everyone takes the time to reflect and fast during this time in the anticipation of the dying and rising of our Lord. This is a time for prayer.

Speaking of prayer, please keep in your prayers, Brother Amery Schultz and his family for the loss of their newborn baby Matthew. Matthew past away an hour after his birth early Saturday morning.  

I have to tell you that it just amazes me that amount of involvement the Knights have in our church. Every Sunday, there are anywhere from 6-10 Knights involved in the service at OLOV and another 2- 4 involved in the service at Sacred Heart and St. Benedict. This is reflection of the kind of men that join this fraternity. I am truly proud to be part of this group.

On another good news story, as you witnessed earlier, we have two new Knights joining us from Sacred Heart, Ron Gatzke and Mike Mulholland. They will take their first degree on March 31st here in Vernon. This now gives us enough men to form a viable Round Table for Father Richard in Lumby. In early April, after their first degree, we’ll have a meeting with the already existing Knights and Father Richard at Sacred Heart, to get this Round Table kicked off.

This will give us 5 new Knights for the 1st degree at the end of March. With that, it will bring us to 240% of goal. Assuming we get our insurance requirement, and Brother Amery assures me this will happen and we get the Columbian award for services, we will hit Double Star Status!!

We also have a major degree on Saturday May 23rd in Salmon Arm. If you are currently are a 1st degree, please mark this date on your calendar. Brother Steve and I had a meeting a couple weeks ago to go through the list of potential candidates. After some culling of a few, we still had 17 candidates on the list. If you know already that this date will work for you, please let me know and I will put you on the list.  

Thank you for your time. Until next month, live, laugh and be happy, all while doing God’s work.

Dale Hofer

GK 12202

District Deputies Report:

Brother Knights here we are with the winter half over and looking forward to warmer temperatures and the coming of spring. People my age tend to go into hibernation mode in the winter and get caught up in complacency. It is mostly the younger generation who are full of energy and eager to take on projects that are exciting. This is the energy that we want to harness for our councils. If we want to bring in the leaders of tomorrow, we have to gear our programs toward the youth of today. The money you spend keeping them interested today will pay off in future years with a growing active council.
We are entering into the time of Lent this month. Lent is a time of prayer, fast and abstinence in which we try to focus on our relationship with our Lord and Savior. Put the trivial “ways of the world” aside for a bit and try to secure your eternal future by renewing your commitment to Him. He amassed no worldly fortune and did not horde what he received, but gladly shared his last morsel. He gave everything He had including His life on the Cross so that we would have an example to pattern our lives after. For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him may not die, but may have eternal life.

Vivat Jesus
Bruce Lines
DD # 11


Meeting Room Move Update

Please Read

At this months general meeting, the move to OLOV was passed. There were 13 in favour, 7 opposed and 3 abstained. At next months Executive meeting a plan will be put together as to the timing of when this will take place. All the necessary furniture, etc will need to be purchased or made prior to the move. Stay tuned for updates on this. Until further notice, please continue to attend Columbus Court.


Chaplain's Message

February - Beginning of Lent

Dear friends, since yesterday, the Ukrainian Catholic Church is in a new liturgical period – Lent or the Great Fast. The Roman Catholic Church will begin this tomorrow. Although there are some differences in how this liturgical season is observed in our Churches, there is a common beginning, which I would like to address.

In order to find the common ground on the true meaning of Lent and its purpose in our lives, we need to go back to its origin and see how the first Christians developed and observed it. If we now take for granted that Lent is a 40 day fast before Easter in imitation of Moses’, Elijah’s or Jesus’ fast, it was not so originally. It all began with the celebration of Easter, or the Christian Passover. It was a one-day celebration preceded by a one-day fast, held on a Saturday. However, besides celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord, this time of the liturgical year was also connected with the preparation and celebrating of Baptism. By the 3rd century, the rite of Christian Initiation had already become associated with the Paschal Vigil, the evening service on Holy Saturday. Another development in the Church since the 2nd century, was the establishment of Wednesdays and Fridays as days of fasting. So the final days of preparation for Baptism at that time, Friday and Saturday were fasting days for those who were about to join the Church. In the 3rd century it would be however, not two but already 6 days, the entire week that would be spent in fast, something which laid the basis for the development of a full Holy Week.

Lent, as we understand it today, came to be observed by other Christians out of devotion, who being in the presence of catechumens joined them in their asceticism. It is only by the fourth century that the fast before Easter was generally observed throughout the Eastern Churches and probably as late as the 7th in the Western Church.

Fasting in the early centuries was observed strictly. Only one meal a day – in the evening – was allowed; meat, fish and dairy products being absolutely forbidden. But as the centuries passed and perhaps in answer to constantly changing cultural, industrial, and national situations, the nature of Lent became less severe. So we are today where we are – observing it differently.

I would like to end with a few words taken from the Papal Message for the Great Fast 2009, which addresses the present day situation of fasting. Our Pontiff wrote: “In our own day, fasting seems to have lost something of its spiritual meaning, and has taken on, in a culture characterized by the search for material well-being, a therapeutic value for the care of one’s body. Fasting certainly brings benefits to physical well-being, but for believers, it is, in the first place, a “therapy” to heal all that prevents them from conformity to the will of God. In the Apostolic Constitution Pænitemini of 1966, the Servant of God Paul VI saw the need to present fasting within the call of every Christian to “no longer live for himself, but for Him who loves him and gave himself for him … he will also have to live for his brethren” (cf. Ch. I). Lent could be a propitious time to present again the norms contained in the Apostolic Constitution, so that the authentic and perennial significance of this long held practice may be rediscovered, and thus assist us to mortify our egoism and open our heart to love of God and neighbor, the first and greatest Commandment of the new Law and compendium of the entire Gospel (cf. Mt 22, 34-40).

As you enter Lent tomorrow, I wish you all that it be a blessed and spiritually enriching time.

Father Andrij.

Special Annoucement: Monday March 9th, at St. Josaphat's will be a Lenten Mission.

The guest speaker will be Fr. Daniel Wach OSBM from St. Mary's in Vancouver. The mission theme is "The Genealogy of Christ".

3:30pm - Lenten Service & Sacrament of Reconciliation

4:00pm - 1st Session of the Lenten Mission

5:30pm - Supper

6:00-7:30pm - 2nd Session of the Lenten Mission



Anchors Away!

Attention All Recruiters! We’re already well on our way to a record number of new members invited in to Knights of Columbus Council 12202 for the 2008-09 Fraternal Year.

As an added bonus to make this year one for the record books, should Council 12202 reach a Net Gain of 20 new members for the 2008-09 Fraternal Year, each new member and their proposer will have their name entered into a draw for an Alaskan Cruise for 2.

We all know that every Catholic man should be afforded the opportunity to join our ranks. With a little effort, this trip could be yours. Happy Recruiting!

Contest Eligibility Requirements

  • New members must receive first degree during 2008-09 Fraternal Year.
  • Membership must be in good standing July 1, 2009 to qualify  (Registered at Supreme)
  • New members and proposers will receive one entry to draw. Proposers with multiple proposed candidates will receive a 50% entry credit for each proposal beyond the first candidate.
  • A new member who also proposes another new member this fraternal year will receive two full entries to the draw.
  • Transfers and re-admissions of less than 2 years are ineligible for the total of 20 members needed.

Contest Generously furnished by:

Amery Schultz,FIC

Knights of Columbus Fraternal Advisor

1-866-375-5632  or  amery[email protected]


Past Grand Knight Joe Bukowsky Earns Columbian Award

Past Grand Knight Joe Bukowsky was presented the Columbian award last Sunday at OLOV by current Grand Knight Dale Hofer. This award is for meeting goal of service programs in 5 distinct areas. At least 4 programs were required to run in the areas of Church, Community, Council, Youth and Family. Joe Bukowsky and his team easily achieved this task. Congratulations Joe on a job well done.

Stations of the Cross

We are sponsoring and leading the Way of the Cross every Friday at 7pm during Lent at Our Lady of the Valley. Please plan on taking in part in this very spiritual event. I believe wearing our jackets will help with the presentation of the event as well. See you there.

More Email Addresses out there!!

To send out this newletter via Canada Post costs time and money. If you have an email address and are receiving this newsletter via Canada Post, and wouldn't mind receiving it electronically, please let Dale Hofer know what your email address is.


Volunteers Needed

Brothers, We have a number of programs happening over the next few months that need your help. We are a service organization, and thus service sometimes means getting your "hands dirty". It appears that out of the 70+ members we now have, it's just a handful of a few that put in the majority of the time. If you can help out in any of the following, even in a very small way, please let me know.

St Patricks Day Dinner and Dance - Decorating

Easter Egg Hunt - Planning and Implementation

Ladies Appreciation Day - Planning (for now)

Children's Festival -Planning (for now)

I'm sure you didn't join the Knights of Columbus just for the fabulous insurance. Helping out in an activity will give you a real sense of belonging, satisfaction, and just give you the "warm and fuzzies all over". We all know that is much more gratifying to give rather than to receive. Give me a call or email. Thank you,

Dale Hofer - Grand Knight

email: [email protected] phone: 250-938-3253