April 2012 Newsletter

Mother Teresa Council 12202

Website is www.kofc12202.ca

The 2011-2012 Executive Team

Fr. Andrij Wasylinko
Grand Knight
Bernie Lutes
Deputy Grand Knight
Clay Vernerey
Financial Secretary
Steve Malerby
Dale Hofer
Bert Niehaus
Gerry Glasser
Jack McLaughlin
Ben Allen
Trustee 1 year
Art Moeller
Trustee 2 year
Juan Ferrigno
Trustee 3 year
Maurice Bouchard
Inside Guard
Anton Schnieder
Outside Guard
Bill Walker
Ben Loewen
Service Program Directors
Program Director
Clay Vernerey
Church Director
Juan Ferrigno
Community Director
Art Moeller
Council Director
Gerry Glasser
Family Director
Joe Bukoswky
Youth Director
Angelo Sabaddin
Pro-Life Director
Clayton Bzdel
Membership Director
Steve Malerby
Recruitment 1
Dale Hofer
Recruitment 2
Jack McLaughlin
Sick and Shut-in Director
Larry Drescher
BBQ Director
Steve Stenhouse
Wheel Chair Project Director
Don Wenger
Field Agent
Blaine Anhel

Our Motto: In Service to one, In Service to all.

Calendar of Events

Executive Meeting - 2nd Tuesday of the month, April 10, 2012 - 7 pm OLOV Council Chambers lower parking lot

Next General Meeting - 4th Tuesday of the Month, April 24, 2012 - 7 pm OLOV Council Chambers lower parking lot.

Fraternal Knight Lunch - 2nd Thursday of the Month, April 12, 2012 - Noon to 1:30 pm at the Legion (behind Watkin Ford). Come join us!!!!

Ladies Appreciation Night

Schubert Centre

Friday, May 04, 2012

Cocktails - 6:00 P.M.

Dinner - 6:30 P.M.

If you only make it to one event this year........ Make it this one!

Last Month's Question of the month:
What is the name of our youngest Grand Knight. How old was he when he became Grand Knight of Council 12202?

Answer revealed at the general meeting on March 27, 2012 at OLOV. For those of you who were NOT there, the answer is Dale Hofer who was 48 years young at the time.

Question of the month:
In what year was Council 12202 formed and who was its founding Grand Knight?
April is our membership recruitment month which will coincide with our corporate Sunday on the fourth Sunday, April 22nd.





Grand Knight's Comments

March 2012

I thought I might rather than give what I call a formal report I would like to share with you:

“A week or two in the life of your Grand Knight”

As your Grand Knight I am blessed with some very active and involved members of our team. They have become part of my daily life as well as brothers they and their families are now closer friends. I have visited Brother Steve ((our Financial Secretary)) and met both his wonderful grandchildren and their mom and dad. I know the cat on a first name basis as I check the mail when Brother Steve takes a much needed vacation. I would say Brother Steve is at my home for odds and sods that make our Council work so well about 2 times a week.

This past week Steve and I teamed up and went off to visit one of our other busy people Larry Drescher who is recuperating from an operation. As our Mr. Sunshine he visits all knights and their spouses if they are not well so Steve and I decided we would repay his kindness. He’s on the mend but I’m sure he would appreciate hearing from you so give him a call or send him an e-mail or send him note saying thank you.

After we visited Brother Larry we dropped into see Brother Clay who we thought was still in Gateby but he was home so we went around and had a great visit. He needs some fellow Knights to help him as eyes when he goes out for a walk. Can you help? Give him a call and offer your time if you have it.

Participating in another First degree this past week shows me that 3 of our brother Knights are part of that team and do such great work of bringing in and welcoming our new brothers. Steve Malerby is the Degree team captain and Brother Dale Hofer and Brother Gerry Glasser are team members. One new member Brother Paul Murphy was from our Council. Some Council Brothers also attended the first degree as observers which was most appreciated thanks Brothers Ben Lowen and Jack McLaughlin.

The Bishop’s in town!!! AND Brother Knights from both Councils

supported our local priests by attending the first Lenten Mission at St James. The church was full and there was a goodly number from OLOV. It’s always good for the soul to spend some quality time refreshing your Catholic principals and growing in your faith.

The Fraternal Luncheon held monthly on the second Thursday of each month is growing and approx. 12 Knights attended one from 4949 and our State Warden along with our District Deputy Dale Hofer. Thank you Father Andrej for being a regular to these luncheons and starting us off with a prayer. The new legion besides Watkins Ford appreciates our being there and they have room for our group as large as it may become. A well spent 1 ½ hr. luncheon with lots of laughter and chatting.

Brother Clayton Bzdel who is chairman of St James Scholl Board gave me a full 2 hours of his time at my home to fully discuss the current financial situation of St James School and helped us make a decision later that day to help them cover their special funding need for this year.

Each month after the general meeting I meet up with your Treasurer and Council Director Gerry Glasser to co-write the monthly bulletin you get on the first of each month. I have learned to bring my slippers and to clean up my peanut shells after the gathering and his wife helps with things we seem to get involved in. This (job) turns out to be a fun event for us both and lots of laughter while we put your newsletter together.

If Brother Dale was paid anything for e-mails and calls from me to clarify issues he would be a rich man. He is always available and always willing to help. During the fall season he almost single handedly takes the Christmas Magnet orders from across Canada and prepares the cases for shipping and has them ready for Loomis pick up and always within one day of the order hitting his e-mail in basket. What a treasure he is to our Council. Thank you Brother Dale.

Other than a refreshing coffee with Brother Steve and Peter Dooling at his home last Thursday it’s been a pretty quiet month.

Your Grand Knight
April Birthdays
Trevor Jordan 05 Gerry Zanussi 22
Bruce Carey 12 Robert Began 22
Dale Hofer 13 Lorenz Drescher 26
Les Schneider 16 Myles Bukowsky 26
Franky Martens 16 Artur Moeller 28
John Mc Laughlin 18 Richard Landry 29
Correction: We are Happy to announce that Maurice Sperling is three months younger than we stated in the March bullettin. Wish him happy birthday again in July!

Field Agent Knights of Columbus Insurance

Here is a wonderful link explaining Knights of Columbus Insurance: www.kofc.org/un/en/insurance/benefits/index.html

When you get to the page click on the 'play' button in the graphic that looks like this:

For more details or answers to insurance questions contact Field Agent Blaine Anhel.

Blaine Anhel, FIC Field Agent, Knights of Columbus Insurance Cell: 250.804.8100 ----- e-Mail: [email protected]


When a tragedy strikes close to home, four police officers struggle with their faith and their roles as husbands and fathers; together they make a decision that will change all of their lives.

Our Church Director, Brother Juan Ferrigno has ordered the movie "Courageous" and will be holding a movie night when the film is received in Vernon. Our plan is to have the movie in the Church and invite the whole parish. The date will be announced at church and to all Knights by e-mail. We expect the date to be mid-April. This is a "DON'T MISS" movie to watch especially if you have teenage children who would benefit from seeing this.

We have four members who transferred to Council 12202 this month. Alex Dantzer transferred from Council 10277 in Surrey, BC. Harold Keating transferred from Council 10418 in Regina, SK. Bernardino(Bernie) Ramis transferred from a Council in The Phillipines. Karl Schoenberger transferred from Council 8248 in Mission, BC. Welcome brothers.

Deacon Paul Murphy joined our Council as a new Knight this past month. He and his family moved to Vernon from Calgary. He comes to us as a Deacon who assists Father Dale at Saint James and Our Lady of the Valley. Brother Jack McLaughlin sponsored Deacon Paul to our Council.

Welcome Deacon Paul.

Chaplain's Five

Knights of Columbus  - March 2012

Knights of Columbus – March 27th, 2012

Creationism vs. Evolution

By believing that God created the universe we do not reject the value of science?BY BISHOP WILLIAM E. LORI, SUPREME CHAPLAIN

Dear Brother Knights,

In the March 5th issue of “The B.C. Catholic” there was an interesting article dealing with the issue of partnership of science and religion. Here, the Vatican astronomer Brother Guy Consolmango, SJ, who was giving a lecture at UBC’s Hebb Theatre, stated that: “Science grew out of religion; the Church has always encouraged science and the academic life has taken a lead in scientific advancement, because its members have been scientists and mathematicians as well as theologians… The Bible tells me’, he adds, ‘that God created the universe and science tells me how He did it”.

Dear friends, I used this quote from “The BC Catholic” as an introduction to what Bishop William Lori would like to share with us in his meditation called,  “Creationism vs. Evolution”. Here our Supreme Chaplain takes a somewhat different look at the relationship of religion and science by focusing on this issue of creation vs. evolution. The Church’s teaching, as found in “Compendium” section 50-65, clarifies clearly what it means to be Creator and also points to the limits of science to properly deal with this issue.

“Only God is Creator in the strict sense. He created the universe “out of nothing”. Regardless of how old it is, the universe did not always exist,’ writes Bishop Lori,  ‘It came into being thanks to God’s creative hand… We often speak of innovative composers, designers and writers as “creators” and their works as “creations.” Of course, their works are not entirely original but always depend on what came before.”?

However, there is not only the discrepancy which can be seen in the understanding of terminology, as in the case of the word  ‘creator’ in the spheres of religion and science. Additionally, points out Bishop Lori, in science, there are various theories of evolution, which in their theorizing “exclude God as author and designer of the universe, and as the creator of each human person.” Bishop Lori states that the Church in this case ‘wisely refrains from making judgments about [them]… but, he adds, it will always reject ‘theories of evolutions in which the human person is reduced to simply a product of natural forces. The Church rightly insists that each human soul requires God’s creative intervention.”

Dear Brothers, although it may appear so from my sharing, the main focus of Bishop’s Lori meditation is not the differences between science and religion. On the contrary, the main part of his writings addresses the issue of the Almighty and eternal God, the role of the Bible in the understanding of the creation story and the issue of “Good & Evil”. Again, I encourage each one of you to take the time to read this inspirational meditation. I would like to conclude with the words of St. Josemaria Escriva taken from his commentary in Genesis 1: “Our faith teaches that all creation, the movement of earth and the other heavenly bodies, the good actions of creatures and all the good that has been achieved in history, in short everything, comes from God and is directed toward Him.”

Have a blessed Holy Week and Joyful, Glorious Pascha – the Resurrection of our Lord!


Creationism vs. Evolution
By believing that God created the universe we do
not reject the value of science

Few things cause heated discussion more than the question of whether evolution or creationism should be taught in public schools. What I find amazing is that the debate has hardly progressed since the famous Scopes
trial in 1925. William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow argued over whether John Scopes, a Tennessee high school teacher, should be permitted to teach his students ideas borrowed from Charles Darwin’s book The Origin of Species. Today, in many quarters, the public debate is still creationism vs. evolution.
Sections 50-65 of the Compendium of the
Catechism of the Catholic Church are a good guide for understanding why we call God creator and remain open to what science can legitimately teach us about the world around us. These sections are a reflection on these words
of the Nicene Creed: “I believe in one God,
the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and
From all eternity, God the Father begets his only Son through whom he created and redeemed the world. Although creation was an act of the Trinity, the work of creation is particularly ascribed to God the Father
(Compendium, 52). This suggests that the mighty work of creation is the result of God’s fatherly, providential love. He created the universe out of love and continues to sustain it.
Infinite in being, God is also infinite in his power. He did not have to create the world but freely chose to do so in his wisdom (54). The
Compendium teaches that “his omnipotence is universal, mysterious, and shows itself in the creation of the world out of nothing and humanity out of love.” The greatest display of God’s fatherly and almighty power is his mercy, which is revealed in the Incarnation of his Son and in the Paschal Mystery (Jesus’ death and resurrection). Power and love do not merely co-exist in God; they coincide. All created things — “visible and invisible,” the world together with the angels — manifest God’s goodness, truth and beauty (53; 59-61).


The Creed speaks of God as “creator of heaven and earth.” Let us consider the ordinary way we use the words “creator” and “creation.” We often speak of innovative composers, designers and writers as “creators” and their works as “creations.” Of course, their works are not entirely original but always depend on what came before. Only God is Creator in the strict sense. He created the universe “out of nothing” (2 Mc 7:28). Regardless of how old it is, the universe did not always exist. It came into being thanks to God’s creative hand. The biblical accounts of creation (Gn 1:1; 2:4b-25) are not meant to be scientific accounts. Rather, they have a theological purpose. They show us that creation is the foundation
of all God’s plans. This is why creation is especially dear to him. It is how he communicates his merciful
love for us, culminating in Christ. The world’s order and goodness, its beauty and wonder, are not ends in
themselves. They are meant to open us to the goodness and beauty of the inner life and love of
the Trinity in which we are called to share. Thus, the world is not “the result of any necessity, nor of blind fate, nor of chance” (54). Rather, the world exists for God’s glory. Creation reflects God’s providential care for us. Through life’s joys and sorrows, God leads us toward our destiny to share his life and love forever with all the redeemed (55-6).

In Scripture we read that when God looked upon what he had made, he saw that it was good. If that is so, how did evil come about? The reality of evil is often cited to argue against a good and all-powerful God. We all struggle with the evil we experience in ourselves and in the world. In a
sound-bite culture, the mystery of evil does not admit easy answers. We might say, along with the
Compendium, that the answer to evil is the whole of God’s plan to reveal himself in creation and history and to redeem the world. The key to understanding evil is, ironically enough, God’s love. In his love for us,

God did not choose to create a perfectly selfcontained and completely predetermined world. Instead he created a world where we are able to go beyond ourselves in freedom and love, and encounter the living God.God did not create evil or will its existence, but he does permit it. In his omnipotent love, he brings forth good from evil. The ultimate example of this is Jesus’ death on the cross. We are called to alleviate human suffering and conquer evil with God’s love, which has been poured out in our
hearts by the Holy Spirit.

As we have seen, both the Bible and Creed treat creation as the foundation of God’s plan of redemption, not simply as a matter of science. This should help us understand the debate between creationists and evolutionists. The Church preserves and protects what we must believe regarding God as Creator and his purpose in creating all things. The Church does not require us to interpret the creation accounts in Genesis “literally.” We are to draw from them their original intent, especially when viewed in the context of
the whole story of creation and redemption as it unfolds in the Bible. On the other hand, the Church’s teaching authority guards against all-inclusive explanations for creation that go beyond the limits of scientific method and exclude God’s all-important role. The Church is especially clear in rejecting theories of evolution in which the human person is reduced to simply a product of natural forces. The Church rightly insists that each
human soul requires God’s creative intervention. Otherwise, the teaching authority of the Church wisely refrains from making judgments about various theories of evolution — so long as such theorizing does not overreach to exclude God as author and designer of the universe, and as the creator of each human person.

1. Why is the dialogue between religion and science necessary
and important?
2. The Bible is not a scientific textbook. Scripture’s presentation
of the Creation story and the origin of the universe is
offered as a way for us to understand our relationship with
God. Read the first two chapters of Genesis and discuss
what we learn about God’s relationship with man.
3.What are some of the practical ways that Catholics using
reason and faith can reply to creationists and atheistic evolutionists?






District Director's Report

March 2012

On behalf of my wife Dianne and I, we wish you all a very Happy Easter brother knights and their families. This is a season of reflection, reconciliation, and prayer. On April 8th, Easter Sunday, our Saviour rose from the dead. With prayer we can anticipate the resurrection and say "Halleluiah" when that day comes. I hope an effort of sacrifice and fasting was made by everyone during this Easter season.

Our fraternal year is 3/4 finished and we all have to work to bring new members into our wonderful order and put the final touches on all the projects we will be running over the next 3 months.

We just had a first degree ceremony at Columbus court on March 20th and the next one planned is in Salmon Arm on April 17th. Please work on bringing new families into the Knights of Columbus.

Now is also the time, if you haven't already is to start succession planning. Who is going to be the next executive in place? Your nomination committee should have their thinking caps on and approaching members to fill the seats of vacating members. Please support your Grand Knight and volunteer to take on an officer's role in your council.

Grand Knights and Program Directors should also be reviewing the activities and projects complete this fraternal year and the ones yet to come. This is important if you want to earn the Columbian award. You will need 4 activities in the areas of Family, Church, Pro-Life, Youth, and Council. Is your plan in place?

To assist you for the Father McGivney award, on February 16th, I hosted "an evening with Dan O'Hara". Thank you for having good representation at this meeting. We were very fortunate to have Brother Dan speak to us on membership and retention. As usual it was very informative. I hope that it sparked a little excitement in everyone and got your membership juices flowing. Remember what Brother Dan said, "Every Knight has a responsibility to promote the growth of the Order".


            - Belief with Passion,

            - Knowledge with Confidence, and a

            - Winning, positive attitude – WORKS.

If you say, "You don't want to become a Knight do you?" What do you think their answer will be?  Good Luck with your membership growth, and again, if I can help in any way, please let me know.

Thank you for your time and attention. Remember...live, laugh and be happy, all while doing God’s work.

God Bless.

Dale Hofer

District 11 District Deputy

Happy Birthday Knights of Columbus - 130 Years Young

March 29, 1882




It is always nice to receive a Thank You.


Don Wenger has agreed to chair the wheelchair foundation drive for our parish during May.

This is a new opportunity to provide the gift of mobility to those in the world who cannot afford it. More details to be provided in our April newsletter.

The Funny Bone...

God was missing for six days. Eventually, Michael, the Archangel, found him, resting on the seventh day.
He inquired, "Where have you been?"

God smiled deeply and proudly pointed downwards through the clouds, "Look, Michael. Look what I've made."

Archangel Michael looked puzzled, and said, "What is it?"

"It's a planet," replied God, and I've put life on it. I'm going to call it Earth and it's going to be a place to test Balance."

"Balance?" inquired Michael, "I'm still confused."

God explained, pointing to different parts of Earth. "For example, northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth, while southern Europe is going to be poor.

Over here I've placed a continent of white people, and over there is a continent of black people. Balance in all things."

God continued pointing to different countries. "This one will be extremely hot, while this one will be very cold and covered in ice."

The Archangel , impressed by God's work, then pointed to a land area and said, "What's that one?"

"That's Manitoba, the most glorious place on earth. There are beautiful rivers and streams, lakes, forests, hills. Some of the most beautiful women live there. The people from Manitoba are going to be handsome, modest, intelligent, and humorous, and they are going to travel the world. They will be extremely sociable, hardworking, high achieving, carriers of peace, and producers of good things."

Michael gasped in wonder and admiration, but then asked, "But what about balance, God? You said there would be balance."

God smiled, "I will create Ottawa, Ontario. Wait till you see who I put there."



Text Box: Apr  2012    Recruitment with Knight Vision

A monthly newsletter intended to provide recruiting guidance and membership growth success.

Creating interest and commitment among younger members; First, let me open by thanking each of you for your recruitment efforts in honour of Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney and the 130th  anniversary of our founding on 29 March. Secondly, let us use the remaining months of this Fraternal Year to do all that we can to ensure every council is membership active.  I am going to repeat the message I used last year, “How do we attract young members?” Well, there are some things that we first need to know about the “younger generation”. First of all, they want to be accepted so they do not take kindly to being called “kids” or “young ones”, “youngsters”, or any other pet name we may find for them. The preferred nomenclature is to refer to them as “young adults”, a term that more accurately describes who they really are. There are certain things that young, Catholic adults are looking for and if you can show that your council can meet some of these needs, and if you think to include these points in your pulpit addresses, then you will have more impact and create stronger reasons for young adults to want to be involved with the Knights of Columbus, or at the very least, give us a more serious look.

So what is it young Catholic men are looking for?

1. A sense of Community

2.Sound liturgy and music programs

3.Spiritual Growth

4.Religious Education and a Catholic identity

5.Guidance and direction in life

6.Acceptance and support

7.Opportunities for service and leadership

8.Social activities

9.A community that shares common values

10.Inspiration and rejuvenation


Text Box: The Knight Visionary says in April   Report the results of Church drives and hold first degrees. Don’t forget “Our NEW Catholics”.  Continue to call and contact former and inactive insurance members. Get a list of members from your state membership director or field agent.
Let’s explore some ideas for recruiting     younger men and their families.
  • Assume everyone is ready to give back to their community.
  • Assume everyone is looking for a challenge and expect a good feeling from their work.
  • Share time commitments, what volunteering with you will encompass in time and money.
  • Have family and spouse programs
  • Start a Squires circle and support Scouts
  • Support pro-life and other family programs
  • Post pictures of events and accomplishments by council members in back of church.
  • Recruit more than one family or member and have them work together as a group on events
  • Work closely with the assigned field agent
  • Provide for younger members to recognize a high school standout for academia or sports.
  • Explain to students the meaning the fourth degree and what the colors represent. Be more visisble and active.
  • Include children and grandchildren in volunteer activities. Develop a “charitable” attitude.
  • Parents must teach the need to give back to the church and community.
  • Don’t waste a young adult’s time! As a young family man, he hasn’t any to spare!
  • Hold Fraternal Benefits nights
  • Ask your Pastor to recommend young adults to you; and then
  • ASK THEM to join!!!
  • Remember – young adults want to be involved but if it takes more than 3 weeks to join, you will lose them. Ensure your First Degrees are scheduled well in advance and be able to give him a firm date when you talk with him. There are no excuses for delaying his First Degree.

       B. Dan O’Hara, IPSD, Supreme MPC, Region #2